Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a point scoring game using card drafting and a bidding system.

What do you get?

Inside the box is a heap of random shaped tiles with different colours, cards to bid on these tiles and a load of coins.

How does it work?

This is a game about a master builder setting a price for cards for the other players to choose from. The players pay the master builder and he gets last pick of rooms remaining. Then placing the rooms down players get their points for what was placed as well as any bonus points accrued. Then the next player becomes the master builder and play resumes as before.

Is it any good?

Yea, Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a good sort of casual game. It isn’t the sort of game that you want to play when you are tired or with people that have no interest in gaming but I think it has a good sell point with casual gamers looking for a time killer.

I’ve only played 1 game of this so far so it’s hard to judge it after say 3 or 4 games and I imagine the more you play the more competitive you would get with it. The first foray into it I felt like I was finding my feet with balancing my wallet with effects the various tiles have. The more play through’s of this I’m sure that you may start to see a pattern in everyone’s behaviours.

This is the sort of thing I don’t like to be honest when games become predictable to an extent. Of course, the bidding phase and setting the price is ultimately how the game found to fix this issue and yea, I can really see it working as long as everyone understands how it works.


So, easy to learn and easy to master. That’s how Castles of Mad King Ludwig feels as a new player. This isn’t a bad thing and in the hands of a very fair minded casual player I bet its heaps of fun. The simplicity of it cannot be overstated. Good game with nice mechanics and nothing too deep. But not every game needs to be an exercise in the rulebook.



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