Concept is a new spin on the classic ‘Pictionary’ meets ‘Charades’ style casual games. No drawing is required and this game requires you to present your answers as straight forward as possible for your team mates to guess the answer.

What do you get?

The game comes with various coloured cubes, timer, board and a host of answer cards. The presentation is very good and pretty straight forward.

How does it work?

The board for Concept has various columns that try to make it easier for the active player to place clues as to the answer. If the answer for example was a television you would be looking for plastic, electricity and circuits as the visual clue. Then you need to progress further to give clues that it is something to do with your eyes and it creates light. Of course, as the game goes on, you can accidentally throw in clues that go further from what you are trying to explain and that is the fun of this party game.

Is it any good?

Concept is one of my wife’s favourite games. Mainly because it doesn’t require much setup and the explanation on how to play is so straight forward it makes it accessible for a lot of age groups. Concept is a little like a silent version of Dixit which is giving it a compliment of sorts.

I personally find Concept perhaps a little too shallow for proper hardcore gamers. I like more depth to it and I found that after about 30 games (yea, about that) or 5 gaming sessions with it it starts to get repetitive to a degree. This is no actual fault of the game as its cleverly designed to be that way but there is never a tactical element to it, it just has a surface depth to it.


This surface depth isn’t terrible though! This is the sort of game that would go down really well on Christmas day with your parents.

Its not really a gateway game but the rules are flexible enough to suggest you could modify it for as many players as you like. The low age range is a nice bonus too.



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