Dixit is a reverse Pictionary storytelling type game. What do you get?

What do you get?

Dixit comes with an interesting insert scoreboard box and a heap of beautiful story cards.

How does it work?

As the Storyteller you have a phrase, sound, look or clue and display a card in the hope that most people will get the answer. That is, most people, not everyone or no-one. Players get points based on guessing the correct card that the Storyteller tells. If no one or everyone gets the clue then the Storyteller doesn’t move and everyone else does. As many games, it’s a race to the finish and first one there wins.

Is it any good?

I really like Dixit. It has infinite replayability. But in saying that, there is also a trap you can fall into when you play this with the same people too often. For example, when I play this with my wife our clues come off as near gibberish at times through clues from previous games.  The best part is perhaps when you present a clue and no one is close to guessing it and abuse ensues! There is a very light hearted feeling about playing Dixit and there is a bit of pressure on the storyteller to come up with a really cleaver clue that only half the players will get.

I’ve tried playing this with younger players to little success as their minds seem a little too focused on the picture at hand rather than thinking outside the box. It’s a tough one for them too as their experiences of art and interruption is at the start of their journey so there is no blame there and making a junior version of the game I doubt would change things just by the nature of how it’s played.


Dixit is a really excellent casual game to play with people open to creative challenges. The Storyteller has a job trying to convey their message to most of the group which suggests that you should know the people well, but interestingly it changes your perspective on how well you think you know people. The cards are really superb too because they are so detailed a small point the storyteller has may be totally different to what the group spots. It’s not an expensive game and has several expansions that just add more flavour to it too.



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