Being a firefighter must be tough, and Flash Point: Fire Rescue certainly demonstrates quickly why. Flash Point: Fire Rescue is an Action Point based thematic game. The situation is the building is on fire, you need to rescue the people and go!

What do you get?

Flash Point comes with a lovely illustrated double sided board, your models for firefighters in various colours, some special dice and all the tokens you could ask for! Flash Point is nicely illustrated, reminding me greatly of a cartoon jigsaw.

How does it work?

Flash Point: Fire Rescue has each player on their turn roll dice twice to see what happens in terms of bad effects. Generally, new fires may break out or risk of smoke starting up but this can quite easily turn into a cataclysm of events triggering off other smoke and fires. Suddenly there is a roaring blaze on your hands where there were only a couple puffs of smoke moments earlier. Each Character has specific skills to try aid the group towards victory. There are several secret tokens in the house that must be revealed. The confusion of the fire can be misleading however and not every token is a person.

Is it any good?

In a sense, Flash Point is pretty excellent. Pete and I played perhaps 6 games of it to get a true feeling for it before offering an opinion. Being a full co-op game it also very suitably doubles up as a solo play game. The difficulty is an odd one as out of those 6 games we found the difficulty about right. On the hardest difficulty which we tried 4 times, we won it twice and failed twice.

We felt good about doing it but at the same time there wasn’t much else of a replay value to it. Like, we’ve completed it now what do you do next. I see there are now several expansions to it and I wonder how much variety it adds to the game. New structures and mechanics would be most welcome.


This game really needs a bigger campaign structure to it. That along with several expansions and I can imagine it being timeless. As it stands on its own I can imagine playing this with your kids and having a really fun and perhaps educational experience.