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The Empires Footsoldiers, the Elite and Finest Stormtroopers!


Sai and Pete begin a sort of podcast. Really, this is intended to be listened to rather than watched. With the intent to cover a lot of Imperial Assault and its basics, this is a hell of a long road of content to cover. We’re honest in every regard and we don’t accept bribes (well, we do…as any good stormtrooper would!).

The first episode covers the really awful Storm Troopers (or are they?) and various tactics that they employ throughout the mighty Empire lists. Each episode we will cover up to 3 upgrade cards and discuss it in detail and explain why it is hit or miss. This is a Podcast style show so feel free to rip the audio. And lastly, apologies for the audio quality not being 100%. We will be doing quite a lot of the shows on the road so bear with us with the poor quality.

Please forgive the less than perfect sound quality as this was recorded in a car so at times it can indeed be a little rough but bear in mind, not every episode is in a car!

Let us know what you think and feel free to agree or disagree!



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