A card drafting game based off Celtic mythology. Using area of control mechanisms it sees all players duke it out for points which can be scored in a variety of ways.

What do you get?

Inis comes with some reasonable quality miniatures, nice cardboard times, detailed cards and various other plastic and token pieces to play

How does it work?

Each player picks a tribe to begin with and takes all those coloured pieces for their faction. Taking turns you play cards. The cards provide a variety of actions: adding clans, moving clans, building/exploring, and special actions. You are trying to achieve victory by one of the three win conditions, have 6 territories, have the most clan members or have the most religion in territories.

You have the choice of peaceful victories.  Watching what other people are up to is key to playing Inis as every card played has a number of strategy options.

Is it any good?

Well, yes and no. I personally didn’t really fall for it but the other 3 people I played with thought it was brilliant. My opponents all loved the nature of it being a pretty quick, open and fairly balanced game overall. The option of never fighting is pretty novel and as the board gradually adds more pieces to it there is an element of exploration and discovery to it.

The reason I wasn’t in love with it for the same reason is I felt the game lacked replayability mostly. The theme felt nearly tacked on. It could have been space men with the same ruleset and not made any difference. There were a lot of hints and tropes to make it Celtic but overall it really didn’t matter.

The multiple angles of winning the game was an interesting one but it also watered down the gameplay quite a lot. Having it like this means that for balance purposes every option needed to try to be “interesting” and maybe that’s where I feel it fell down.


I hate to come across as a hater but I didn’t get anything from Inis. It wasn’t a terrible game and the outcome we had for the last turn was pretty intense as three players could win at the same time. That’s a positive and negative, seeing how close everyone is to victory meant there were no surprise endings.

I also felt that after a couple games you would master the game to a level where it is not necessarily any fun anymore. Luckily, I’ll never reach that point.



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