What is it?

A very simple ship racing game with easy dice rolling elements as well as card actions.

What do you get?

Jamaica comes with a beautiful board for your ships to all race around. It doesn’t have a lot of content but it’s not an overly expensive game either.

How does it work?

Taking it in turns to be the captain they roll two dice and nominate one as day and one as night. Each player has selected two cards from their hand of three and doesn’t know which dice will be nominated yet. Once made clear you do the action on the card. Honestly, it is harder to explain than to show you.

Is it any good?

Yea, Jamaica is a fun silly game. You are a bad gamer if you take this game at all seriously. The gameplay is really rapid and it almost feels like a bidding system going on. The combat is simple too, land on a square and add up your cannons! The surprisingly satisfying part comes with arranging your hold. Items cannot occupy different item types so there are often several times in games when you wonder what resource is worth the most. It’s got quite a selfish nature to it, but in a really simple and unthreatening way.

Jamaica has a lot of replay value in it for gamers that want something quick and easy.


Jamaica isn’t a game I’d invite people round to play, but it is the game I’d happily pull out when someone is running late and you want something on the table. Got half an hour to spare, Jamaica is an ideal time killer.

In terms of kids with it, I’d say it has some strong merit values teaching organisation and quick math and calculation. There aren’t right answers in the game but sometimes there are more obvious optimisations to consider.



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