A dice placement game of the tallest order. Kingsburg has a fixed amount of turns in which you need to prepare your city for an ever looming threat.

What do you get?

Kingsburg comes with a beautiful board, your city player boards, tons of card pieces to keep track of everything; some decks of events and of course a load of dice

How does it work?

Kingsburg has a really simple approach. You roll your dice that you have and create numbers adding them together. The higher numbers generally creating several powerful effects over the lower ones but the lower ones often have some key components required to get buildings built that are necessary for the round.

Kingsburg has a straight forward structure to it repeating the seasons each round until the final invasion. Throughout the game players gather points for accomplishments and of course, the player with the most points er… WINS!

Is it any good?

I think Kingsburg on paper is my perfect game. It has a great mechanic to block players that rolled the same number as you. It feels like the ultimate spiteful game and with the right group, this is bloody hilarious. I’ve played Kingsburg perhaps 4 times now and there are some sticking points to it.

  • It plays really well with 4 players but is rather boring with 2.
  • Newer players to the game can get a bit lost in the first turn. There is a lot going on and I really emphasise with them that it gets easier, but this can often feel too late.
  • The social aspect is a little lost. There are so many a consideration to make it’s hard to engage with people in this other than think carefully through your own strategies.

Now, these were my observations for better or for worse.


Kingsburg is the sort of game that gets more fun the more times you play it. Casting aside the new player anxiety, if you don’t need to think as hard about your strategy and you could talk about how you will mess people up, there is a sort of Meta game at work here. I suppose in a lot of respects it’s the same as Marco Polo but I can’t help but think that that is overall a better paced game.

Kingsburg should be one of my favourite games in terms of what it does but it falls short for various reasons. I nearly think if this was a co-op game from the base up it could have been a very different and thrilling adventure involving each other. But anyway, It is what it is.



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