What is it?

A large scale game scaled down immensely to tell a large story of galaxy conquering or the destruction of the Death Star. Yea yea, we’ve all heard the Star Wars synopsis by now.

What do you get?

Risk: Star Wars come with a lovely assortment of cards, the board and heaps of plastic as expected. The detail on the miniatures is pretty low but identifiable. The components all get a pass in my book. Nothing overly special and not terrible.

How does it work?

Rolling dice, players can assign their dice to action orders. It’s a pretty simple game with various locations requiring attention as there is the land, space and throne room battle to fight in. Ignore any of these spaces too long and your opponent will get the upper hand granting a bonus in other areas.

Is it any good?

You know what, I think Risk: Star Wars is an incredible good laugh. It’s got a really simple premise to it and surprisingly it’s not just used the Risk board and put Star Wars on it. It really pits the various places at odds and makes you carefully make tactical decisions about where ships need to go and which dice to activate. If anything, this game has become a little difficult for younger children to grasp than was originally intended because as simple as the mechanics are, putting it all together how they interact can be mind-bending.


I’ve played it twice now and I look forward to the next game. It’s not especially long if you know how to play. I suspect that after a few more play-throughs the pleasure may dissipate in place of competition which is a shame. There is only so much depth to it too so it’s not the be all but for its price it’s a real nice buy. Well done Hasbro. I feel like you winged it and somehow made a really great game 😉



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