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What is it?
Space Opera is a brain child of the video game FTL. Essentially it is a game using similar mechanics to One Deck Dungeon but with a heavier and drawn out system. As well as an exploration game, it has a focus on random encounters, dice rolling, meeple management and a ton of options to make at every turn. Its not for the casual gamer really and its prime mode is a solo experience.

How far into development is it?
This is an issue. Space Opera has been written(rulebook) twice now and its still not quite right. There are a lot of events that mean the game could have a crazy long game time to play and frankly, it became quite jarring in a lot of respects. Somewhere in there, we know there is a fantastic game but it requires a lot more thought and involvement. This is an ideal project to collaborate with.

What is still required for it?
No art has been created. The fundamental rules are not right either and it needs a lot of refining. Get in touch if you fancy getting involved with a project in its infancy.

Anything else?
We’ve asked permission to use their IP and it was refused on the grounds that they may be going into that territory.

This project is a collection of ideas that work but the glue to put them together still needs to be set. Space Opera is a working title.




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