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What is it?
The Underdogs is a Batman inspired game using stealth and combat mechanics. Basing its mechanics on Mage Knight, Gloomhaven and Turtles: Shadows of the Past, Underdogs has a natural progressions. Playing solo or Co-operative underdogs pits you against the system. Underdogs is a miniature, dice and card game.

How far into development is it?
The Underdogs is currently being playtested a lot. It feels right. The combat is tense yet easy enough. So far, only 3 scenarios have been created and even then, we tend to change parts to see what happens with the difficulty. Its nearly right however. The starting card options are not concrete either and you can see below that we’re just using bits of paper for now until we’re more sure of stats and texts.

What is still required for it?
LOADS. Artwork as usual, help with scenario design and balance issues. We’ve not written any of the rulebook for this yet until we’re happier with aspects that will certainly remain.

Anything else?
The Underdogs may be the most promising game we’ve developed. From the get go we’ve created a lot of gameplay that we know works. Its an exciting game to delve into.



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