What is it?

Werewolf is a party game for 5 to 68 people. It has a simple premise with a story teller telling the story as days go by in a dangerous village.

What do you get?

Werewolf comes with character class cards and a rulebook stating what they all do. It’s a small box needed.

How does it work?

Werewolf is simple. The story teller tells people to close their eyes at night time and then by character class to open their eyes and indicate an action. The werewolves all act at once nominating to kill one person. Then in the day time cycle the people left all speak about what happened and who they want to mob murder, if anything. This goes on until either all the werewolves are killed or all the villagers are.

Is it any good?

Werewolf is a really surreal experience. If you have the right crowd, there is just so much fun to be had. Perhaps the most fun live event you will experience by a country mile. I’ve never been to a bad experience to be fair but I do spot some serious flaws with it and can imagine a game that doesn’t work. The most I’ve played with is about 16 or so and even then there is a lot to keep track of. It’s a pretty big game for the Storyteller.

The first person to die is out of the game and then actually has nothing to do. In that 16 player game that will take at least an hour to resolve and in that time when people go out they are expected to just sit and watch. For a lot of people this isn’t quite entertaining enough and I can image it being spoiled with phone activity or whatnot.


The philosophy of Werewolf is so good it’s a must try from me. There are a lot of party games out now that rival it however and have a better balance of timings and players that are out. Maybe it’s had its day but honestly if there is a session happening near me, I’m already there!



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