Things may not have gone very well up on the battlements, but down below a large force of Morannon Orcs and Trolls have broken through the main gate of Minas Tirith and are causing chaos in the streets.

For this scenario I have 36 Morannon Orcs of various loadouts, 3 Mordor Trolls, 2 captains and a couple of the named Orc captains. They deploy through the city gate, which is at the centre of one board edge. Any of my warriors who die get to come back in the following turn through the gate, so infinite Orcs is back on!

Sai has a similar number of men of Minas Tirith, including some archers, as well a scattering of minor heroes – and Gandalf the White (who has abseiled quickly down to ground level from the battlements). Sai deploys opposite the gate. In the centre of the board is an innoncent and unsuspecting decorative fountain, who little realises that the fate of Middle Earth itself is tied to its’ destiny.

The mission is simple: whoever has the most models within 6″ of the Fountain of Doom at the end of turn 8 wins. I guess this is to represent dominance of the field – or the fountain contains super win juice for the war effort or something.


So I got first turn, and my fiendish plan was pretty simple: stuff as many Orcs within 6″ of the fountain as quickly as possible and then brace myself. The Orc Captains have a couple of might points, so I immediately burnt one each to declare Heroic March and get as close as possible. Sai shuffled his archers around a bit and managed to down one Orc with their shooting. The rest of his force cautiously moved forward. Gandalf Sorcerous blasted one of the Trolls, knocking him and a few surrounding Orcs off their feet (this move was repeated all game as I had no way of stopping it).

Turn 1: Looks like water feature’s back on the menu boys!

In turn 2 the Orcs shuffled ever closer to the fountain, while Gandalf decided to charge the Troll he’d already blasted. His mates shuffled up slowly behind, seemingly nervous of the other Troll on my left flank. He had a secondary force on my right flank which were sneaking ever closer as well.

Archer’s eye view

Turn 3, and battle was properly joined. On the left Sai charged my left most troll, and Gandalf got some backup to help with the centre troll. On the right, Sai’s guys got charges in, but my Troll managed to barge his way around to the rear of the fighting. Shooting from Sai was ineffectual largely during this bit of the battle – fair enough as nearly everyone was fighting.

Turn 3

In turns 4,5,and 6 the same battles raged on. More Orcs died than men, just, but newly spawned Orcs were starting to arrive from the gate, and they were heading straight towards the fountain. Two of my Trolls had died, with the one on the right still barging around and taking a man or two off every turn. It was around turn 6 I started to panic and draw everybody I could back towards the fountain, because the trolls hadn’t done enough damage – things were in the balance…

Turn 6

The last two turns saw a revival of Sai’s shooting. I lost quite a few Orcs to that which only had me more nervous. It was now too late to get any of these dead Orcs back in time form the Gate respawn point – the final count was near. A few tense charges and duels later and the tally of models within 6″ was around 17/13 to me – way closer than it should have been! The fountain now joins the domains of Sauron…

The fountain is lost! Flee for your lives!

11 The Streets of Minas Tirith
9. Atop the Walls