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The Streets of Minas Tirith

Written by Sai, from Gandalfs view

Above, you can see straight away my big gamey deployment. I dont know if this is the right thing to do at all. I had a vague idea in the start to really push Petes starting spots by taking up most of the areas but I figured that that could easily make for a pretty dumb game and a part of me loves seeing fights play out like the films with orcs seemingly everywhere.

I won the initial roll off and neither of us did anything crazy. In fact, Pete felt he deployed too far since I pretty much avoided the encounters and protected Gandalf from anything happing in turn 2. I threw away some token troops all in the name of delaying him and stuffed up any alleyways as much as possible. Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job of it and largely held shield walls and plenty of funnelling. Noteworthy moment was Gandalf failing to cast a spell on a 2+.

Pete was making pretty good work of a lot of my forces further in field. There were a limited amount of spots Gandalf could fit through but my defences were pretty much in shield mode. Not dying, but not killing anything either. I was really hoping the many archers I had dotted about would get some crucial kills but *SPOILER ALERT* they unleashed 50,000 arrows and killed one orc. I need to read a tactica at some point about what shooting does in this game..

So each turn, I managed to block up the narrow alleys and was often pulling off heroic moves to pull out of range of his charges. I say Heroic moves, it was more like cowardly retreats! For the last few turns Petes Tolls didnt get near a fight. There was threats looming that if I had chosen to go head on then he would have had a field day… but I was playing to the objective. Get Gandalf off the board with Merry!

Eventfully I managed to get Gandalf into a combat, Heroic combat action him again (spending my only might point) to clear a further 12″. Gandalf has an insane move and mounted he gets his charge bonus and knocks over the orcs too. Not to mention he can cast some mad spell in first to knock away some unsuspecting lads. Hes a beast really thats taken me a couple games to grasp his abilities!

So, a convincing win there. Pete took his tally to killing 9 troops needed 31. It was a tall order and if I was him I would have focused more on trying to get Pippin and perhaps trying to block Gandalf more, though I respect that that was a tall order the way I setup. This was a mission that felt in my favour really. The grand prize is really random…. Pippin can declare Heroic actions for free…. Erm, I dont really want him in combat though!

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