Written by Sai

Ugh. I’ll make this short.

This isn’t a good mission for several reasons. The main one being the outcome is daft and so many of the rules are confusing even though its small and shouldn’t be. For example, its 8 turns long and I couldn’t wound Pete’s guys, but he could wound me, that was understandable, but he had more bodies than me so the game was really going to always play out as I am always engaged, and he has a spare trooper to pick up Faramir and dump him on the fire. My issue with this mission is it was blatantly written down, not proof read, never played and just put in the book. This is really sloppy game design there. MESBG wasn’t designed this way at all. Its like they went out of their way to break the game and make it unplayable. On a more positive note, at least the game lasted about 15 minutes because all it essentially leant on was who could roll initiative. So. A dice off mission. I would have had more fun just doing that at the start and forget getting models out. Poor play GW.

15. War Beasts From The South
13. Charge of the Rohirrim