Written by Sai from the good point of view

First off, very cool mission. It felt like a large scale Skirmish more than anything. Wide open fields and both sides had plenty to boast about.

Pete won turn 1 and strolled forward with his whole force. I took advantage of my 24 horses with bows and after Pete dithering back and forth, it was obvious I had serious superiority over his 10 bow men. The horses’ sort of doubled up as meat shields for my bows too, so he was always going to lose. I will point out that Pete walked forward, then backwards and then forwards again effectively giving me three turns of shooting at what I pleased.

Then it happened. I got lynched by a move that I wasn’t expecting and Theoden was kept in the open. I was genuinely worried about the stats on his commanders. They were all far superior to any of my troops or bosses.

About turn 8 or so Pete had a pretty big moment with 3 commanders in reach of Theoden. By this stage I had also lost my 1 fate point, so I was going on my armour to save me. Basically, 6’s wound but he just needed two of them plus he had better fight and re-rolls on everything.

Pete’s’ second in command guy had a good shot. He really took it and got 1 wound in. Theoden was in serious trouble. His best chance to kill off the game would be to win initiative but I honestly got lucky on that 1 turn I needed it, backed Theoden the hell out of the fight and let all my grunts pile in. Sure, he had superior fight value but it just took one bad turn to lose. By this stage I could afford to keep losing too until that 1 fateful win.

Overall, great mission because it was all about keeping the bosses safe. I probably should have shot his boss off his horse early. Pete should have advanced as quick as possible. That said, I was really on the ropes and pinned for a portion of the fight and I got away with it.

17. The Death of The King
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