Game 17, and this is to be a showdown between Theoden and the Witch King. Sai has 12 Riders of Rohan and Theoden himself, I start with an Orc Captain and a mere 12 Morannon Orcs.

The Witch King is on his way back from harassing the battlements, so doesn’t show up until (D6+Turn number=7), which is checked for at the end each game turn.

Setup – we need the Witch King!

Turn 1, and Sai does the usual and peppers my forces with light bowfire. The Witch King did not show up! I feared from the start that if he didn’t show up early, he’d very quickly be facing the Rohan forces alone.

Turn 2, Sai has nothing to fear from my paltry Orcs, and comes storming in. They wither very quickly. The Witch King is still missing… by the end of the third turn I have barely anyone left…

The Witch King finally arrives, but with his one whole wound, he didn’t last long against Theoden himself. Even if he had, Sai had plenty of horse pals left to come storming in and finish the job. I guess I should have considered some jiggery pokery with magic spells or something, but this seemed like it was going to be an uphill struggle for the forces of evil! And so it was, win to Sai. A quick one!

18. The Final Fate of The Witch King
16. The Horse and the Serpent