Just a quick one this – this scenario was another “mini game” involving the Witch King himself, Merry and Eowyn. It’s based on the scene where Merry and Eowyn are chatting banter with the big bad guy himself before taking him down.

The premise is, The Witch King stands in the centre of a circle of playing cards, whilst Merry and Eowyn travel round the outside of the circle. Moves are made by the evil player playing a card secretly. The good guys travle using dice. If the Witch King ends up facing Eowyn, she gets takes wounds. If Merry ends up directly behind the Wraith, he takes a wound. Repeat until someone dies.

This was a lot simpler than the previous mini game in the book, and a lot more fun. Having said that, we did question why stuff like this is in the book – if we want to play something like this there’s endless card and dice games available.

Regardless, the Witch King managed to take out Eowyn this time (it was close). No man can kill him… nor woman apparently!

19. The Ride of the Fifedoms
17. The Death of The King