Written by Sai, from the Goodies dugout

Pretty easy mission here. Two forces deploy opposite each other but with pretty different objectives, Pete had to kill all the goodie leader, I had to kill 30 orcs! Little side bit is Pete had infinite guys coming in as reinforcements as we’ve seen several times before.

Turn two had both of us square off, I had all my cav basically ready for a great charge. I got all sorts of bonus’ for doing so, better Fight value, horse bonus, extra attack, my big boss giving off a 12″ banner… I mean, to start with it looks like a slaughter.

I really wanted to take down the troll. He was a pain to think about dealing with. I charged one of my heroes at him with Heroic strike then improving the odds of beating it. Not only that, but trapping him was pretty easy on such a huge base and me having such large movement. In the centre and right I just went for it and it really paid off. I lost very few troops.

It was probably mid battle and both of us were pretty exhausted for Might. Gothmog was mucking about falling over and not quite getting the kill count he should be on. My boss was stuck in with his boss too and neither of them were exactly winning here.

And so the game gradually wore down that the orcs were just not winning fights. Charges galore and my improved fight value really meant I won over and over. I didnt feel under much pressure and pretty much wiped it by the end bar reserves.

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