Game 2 in our Campaign! Payback time for the men of Minas Tirith..?

Game 2 in the Gondor at War campaign is pretty much a straight battle. My job as Evil player is to slay Faramir and Boromir (and I get some bonuses when striking those guys), whereas Sai and his Goodies are trying to wipe out the foul Orcs coming at them.

The forces to be used were pretty much the same as game 1 – except I got the addition of a Mordor Troll, and Sai got to bring Boromir. Plus – I no longer get infinite reinforcements. Fair? We’ll see 🙂

So deployment is more standard in this battle. Me on one side, Sai on the other. The scene was set with a scattering of walls, ruined piles of rubble, and in the centre, a nice big ruined chapel.

Sai deployed largely in two groups, Faramir and a gang of Rangers on my left, while Boromir and some of the harder to kill Minas Tirith dudes in the center facing the central chapel.

I set my warbands out clustered around the centre, the all important Troll in the VERY centre tucked behind the chapel, out of sight of any pesky Rangers. The plan was simple, get the Troll to Boromir and do the business. Any other outcome probably spelt doom for me.

My layout, clustered behind the chapel

Turn 1 and 2 was the usual shuffling, I split my forces three ways, one gang to the left to go after Faramir, one to the right to provide backup to the smaller centre group who were sneaking through the chapel. The Troll had to amble around the outside of the Chapel (as we decided looking at the doorways he’d probably struggle to get through it) but being careful to shove orcs ahead of him to catch arrows for him.

At this point I again wondered what they were playing at in the Orc training camps these days, as several of my troops failed to make it over the low walls in their way, deciding instead to have a little lie down. Grrr!!!

Wall chumps!

Over on the left hand side of the battlefield things seemed to be hanging in the balance. Faramir and crew got locked in quite a tight struggle over a ruined house, once my Orcs made it over the walls. A lot of them made it because Sai had shifted the rangers at full speed, meaning quite a few of them missed an out on early turn of shooting.

The Enemy draws near

In the centre I went for blitzkrieg, pushing as many as I could through and around the chapel. Boromir was in sight… the Troll readied himself. We both drew our nearby forces into this fight from the right hand side area gradually.

The fight on the left was kind of going my way – I had take the small ruined house – but Faramir was Heroic Combatting his way around, meaning it was by no means decided. I was hampered by the fact that the Orc Captian over that side of the field was out of the fight, having failed THREE TIMES to successufully get to his feet and cross the wall he was stuck behind.

At the chapel, I finally threw the Troll in. Boromir was not if the fight yet but not far away. Perfect time for a Barge. right? That was a good idea but it depended on the Troll winning his fight – which he didn’t.

The Troll forgets what he came here for…

Boromir mopped up some Orcs, and a turn later came in, with a LOT of his troops and surrounded the Troll. Sai has a lot of dice to roll – the fight swung…. his way. The Troll was cut down in one sitting!

Meanwhile on the left flank, Faramir had continued to perform well, having burnt all his Might to carry the day there. All that was left was for Sai to chase down and mop uo the last few stragglers – resounding victory for Gondor! Osgiliath is well retaken.

This sets up Sai for a big bonus in one of the upcoming scenarios, We also fugured out late in the game that Man Bows are Strength 2, same as Orc Bows… better to figure this out early in the campiagn rather than later. To be honest, Sai’s accidentally illegal S3 shooting for most of the game didn’t make much difference – it didn’t kill much anyway. The game was lost here on the Orcs being outfought, out heroed, being baffled by inanimate walls and hedges, and the Troll completely messing up at the critical moment.

The next game is Haradrim and Mumakil vs the Rangers of Gondor – interesting,  as we don’t own any Haradrim!


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