Ok I’ll admit I’m writing a bit from memory here! What with Xmas etc I fell behind.

So in this mission, Eomer’s really upset due to the death of Theoden. So much so that he’s got himself stranded out in the field (he and his very few men deploy in the dead centre of the board), with a relatively large force of Orcs (including Gothmog and a Troll) bearing down on him (they get to deploy anywhere more than 6″ from the good guys). Some might consider this careless behaviour on the part of Eomer…

But he need fear not (in theory) as the Knights of Dol Amroth are riding to the rescue and will be arriving on a board edge in the second turn. But… because Sai has a previous win bonus, they’ll actually be on that board edge from the start of the battle. The mission? Get Eomer safely off the board (Sai), or stop him from ever doing so (me).

So my first thought was, I have a load of guys and a Troll here, vs Eomer and 6 guys. The knights are on their way, but I am one charge away from smashing face here. So I completely surrounded Eomer with a ring of Orc flesh – with the Troll and Gothmog furthest away from those approaching Knights, just in case…

Sai got priority first I think, and charged Eomer and co. into the thin line of Orcs between him and safety. I’m almost sad to say that the rest of the game came down to the fact that he didn’t break out…

Gothmog and the Troll caught up with him – and bosh, that was it – one squashed Eomer!



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