By Sai, the goodies team

So, Defend the gate was exactly what it said on the tin. As usual, I had a bonkers mix of leaders that I had little idea what they did, some from the Gondor at war book and some from the Fiefdoms list, of which I never used before. Pete deployed several of his harad guys not in the Howdah for some reason… Otherwise I just deployed near the gate and swirled around.

Turn 1 and 2 just saw Pete meander forwards. I mentioned the lack of troops on the Mumak and it was a big deal as I had blackroot archers pepper and take out his commander in turn 1. It was truly breathtaking to realise that the commander made them reroll 1s to hit, reroll wounds and the covering howdah too. Those guys made real short work of that creature. So, with all the crew dead I decided it best to charge it with several troops with the aim of taking over its next move.

Easily winning, I aimed it at the rabble of Orcs that I pinned with my troops. Sure, it was going to be carnage on both sides but I think I was going to be a couple troops better off after it. After unimpressively killing some grunts, it stopped on Petes big boss that basically laughed at it. I then charged it in the rear with loads of troops with the intention of a heroic charge and moving everyone again gaining the advantage and smashing Petes general in the process. The rest of the battle was quite a stalemate with few casualties.

So… basically for about 4 turns we just had a large standoff. The archers on the walls were picking off the odd target supporter but generally sitting back as a reserve unit too.

You can see in the phot, about turn 6 by now that nothing was really moving.

Eventually, The orcs were so thin in numbers that my Archers climbed down (2 of them dying) ready to get involved, but by that stage my heroes had already mopped up and won the battle. A clear victory for the Good Guys.

Overall, this mission felt heavily in my favour just from the archer unit I had peppering the Mumak. It was interesting to use it. Pete moaning at the lack of banners once more.
Nice mission.

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