For this scenario Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas have arrived by boat at the docks of Harlond but must get through the occupying Mordor forces to make it to the Pelennor Fields!

Luckily they’ve brought a ton of hard as nails Dead of Dunhrrow with them so no problem right?

Sai has the three Hunters, the King of the Dead, 24 Dead of Dunharrow and 6 Riders of the Dead.

I’ve got Guritz, Master of Reserves, 3 Orc Captains, and 36 Morannon Orcs of various flavours. Sai has to get Aragorn and at least one other of his close hero buddies through the gate at the opposite end of the board.

Ok so we looked at this scenario and thought that basically, as in the movie, this would be a walkover for the good guys. I was in agreement, barring a miracle (is it called a miracle if it comes from Sauron?)

I deployed my Orcs around and close to the gate, blocking Aragorn’s path. Sai deployed as close as he could, riders to the flanks, bosses in the middle.

First couple of turns Sai barrels forwards, whilst I nervously backed the Orcs off a little more. Then, the inevitable happened, Sai’s forces crashed into my line on all sides. Long story short – two turns later, around 3 Dead men were even deader (plus a ghost horse) and around 16 Orcs were out of action. It must be noted that Legolas failed to do much with his super shot though!

And so it went on, until Aragorn and Gimli easily bullied their way through the thinning Orc horde to stroll off the board towards the main battle. Win to Sai…

23. The Death of Gothmog - say it aint so!
21. Defend the Gate