By Sai

Deployment happened. Lots of baddies on the table. Not so much in the commanders but look at those Mûmak! I had a king and two banners which felt like infinite might really, especially as the scenario granted me free heroic combats too. So, overkill on Might this game.

Pete Spent the first two turns moving back and forth. It wasn’t his fault. He had faster units than mine and I had no shooting. It was a strange position to put him in. Almost like we could have spent 3 hours playing and no engagement or kills due to my incredibly high defence.  To break this deadlock, I realised it was up to me to give him some targets… SO I did. Pete, have some ghosts…

To say it was a trap would be misleading. This scenario was just a wet blanket is all. Luckily Pete decided to go for it. Measuring himself in, he found his Mûmak could cause quite sizable damage. And they did! They killed about 13 of my guys just running through them. I had a sense of panic about it but I knew what I needed to do. Counter charging the king into the further mûmak and having numerous guys against the other one, I hit him hard. REAL HARD. The king auto killed the first mûmak and all the guys on top pretty much die from falling. The free heroic combat then allows the king to go to the other mûmak and do the same. Pete lost pretty much all his Haradrim there.

Then it was a simple mop up. Pete charged in with the remaining huge number of guys, looking to pick off some weaker spears here and there. It wasn’t a daft plan and it almost worked. I won it comfortably in the end just due to having tough leaders left and forcing him to fail the old terror tests.

If the mûmak had hit a couple more in their big charge it would have been curtains but luckily I fell back at the right time. I’ll give this mission credit, it ended more interestingly than it started.

Now onto the finale!

27. The Black Gate
24. That Still Only Counts as 1!