Before you look at any pics, Pete was improvising the sand people with lizardmen!

Well…. This was actually a pretty dull game. Not only was it totally one sided and impossible, it had little in the way of action either.

Deployment: The scenario told me to do this!

I was playing the rangers. The usual trio of mates, Damrod, Faramir and Mandril. To start with, the scenario really wants you to believe that you should come out swinging with its first free round of shooting as well as telling you the rangers are invisible for the first three turns. Foolhardy, I thought I would take advantage of this and get maximum freebies in before the game started. Here’s the thing… I went nuts hitting the big beastie (defence 7, 10 wounds) and didn’t get anywhere close to wounding them.


Then Pete did something I didn’t see coming… he marched. This put his guys 13″ forward. I was suddenly chasing something I would never catch. My only hope was to ambush him with my 5 troops up the front.

After finally catching him, I had like 2 guys on him. Obviously they just lost the fight right away and got stomped. A large contingent of troops to the rear made it easy to keep my guys distracted too.

Winner of the race

So… that was it. 2 turns of force Marching and me legging it after him. It was hopeless. Points wise He had about treble what the rangers had. I hate to say it, but this mission was daftly unbalanced. Pete solidly agreed with me that there was nothing I could do. Maybe if he decided to attack me in the trees or something? But why would he do that? Anyway. In the scenarios’ defence I would have been better deploying on the far side of the board and getting ready for his advance, but I was really playing to the scenario special rules which did nothing for me.

Good or bad dice, it didn’t matter when tactical choices were already made before we begun.

4. The Raid of Pelargir
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