So with the Rangers of Ithlien game having only taken less than an hour, we decided to crash on and get the next scenario done. This called for a load of Corsairs of Umbar, who’ll be raiding a coastal village belonging to the Men of Lamedon? I think it was, which are (another) two ranges me and Sai have none of the miniatures for.

Not a problem: Sai tipped out his Rohan and Minas Tirith collections and we soon had the forces proxied up.

So in this scenario, I am coming in from the sea into a harbour village, and I’m trying to set fire to 5 target buildings. Sai’s forces are allowed to try and put any of those fires out – in either case, a fighter needs to finish their move in contact with the building in question, not be engaged in a fight, and then roll a 6.

At the end of the game, if more buildings are on fire than not, I win – otherwise Sai does!

My forces included a small number of archers (who gain the ability to set the buildings on fire from afar if they manage to wound them – tough, as the buildings were stated to be defence 8), but also a handful of crossbowmen who stand a better chance.

Plus I had a couple of heroes who seemd to be quite hard in the fighting department – one of them seems to have been assassin trained, the other was a guy who acts as a banner – but if a model fails the re-roll he provides, they take a clip round the ear in the form of a S3 hit!

The other oddity was the Corsair reavers in the list. These guys are basically naked, and have a high chance of going berserk if not in range of a Corsair Bosun (guess what – no Bosuns in the list…). The risk is, when they go berserk, they charge towards the nearest enemy – but if they can;t get an enemy, they’ll go for a friend!

And so to deployment. The aforementioned Reavers – I split them into two groups of 3 and stuck them out on either flank. I fully expected them to start beating each other up – but as long as it wasn;t my bowmen and crossbows they were whaling on – no problem.

The master plan being, I was hoping to set fire to the buildings with the shooty guys, while fending off Sais vanilla troops with mine (I also had a variety of sword and shield and spear troops)

This turned out to be a bad plan as I hadn’t fully taken in how hard it was going to be to wound the buildings this way (Archers need a wound roll of 5, followed by 6, and even the crossbows needed a straight 6).

Turn 1

Sai trots forward at a sedentary pace, my berserkers largely start beating each other up as expected, my fighters shuffle forward a bit to hide behind the harbour wals, little to no shooting for me this trun due to moving.

Turn 2

My berserkers sort themselves out a bit and start creeping towards the actual enemy, I think I put some of my shooting into Sai’s army this turn and took one or two down

Turn 3

I realise here I’ve dithered too much (I spent most of the time reading all the rules for my two heroes and those darned reaver guys). So I start my footsloggers forward to counter Sai’s now almost arrived mop in the centre, and on the left.

Turn 4

Around this time my crossbows managed to get one of the buildings on fire. Sai had wisely left a model behind who promptily ran over and put it out again. GGNNNNGHH!

Turn 5

A good fight in the middle, Characters wading in, me refusing to use that banner ability in case I end up taking out my own guys – Sai’s single charcater eventually lost this tussle. Some of my guys saunter over from the left flank and set fire to the central building. Two to go!

Turn 6

Sai’s forces were dwindling fast by now. It was a last minute dash to set fire to a second building, and then get as many guys round a third as possible… I rolled around 5 dice to see if the last building could be lit up – but no 6’s! So it ended on 3 buildings had been set on fire, but one had been put out – Pelrgir is saved! But depopulated…

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