Written from the perspective of the defenders by Sai.

And indeed Osgiliath was doomed to fall. I was tasked with getting Faramir and 8 other bozos off the board edge. One problem. There was an orc army directly in the way.

So, a clear goal was set. Get off the board. Before I say any more, I will point out two massive errors both of us made. Pete somehow didn’t read the rule about shrieking terror. Once a turn he got to make a warrior do nothing on the roll of a 3+. And my error was I made up in my head that I had to get off at a specific point through the board, and not just get off via the edge. So, yea, blunders to start with and I forgot that thanks to a previous win Faramir had free might, but that didn’t really affect the game so fair play to Pete for sportingly pointing that out. I guess I owe you one in the future!

So, a lot of this game will look pretty similar as it pretty much centred around breaking through petes ranks as quickly as possible before his large reinforcement contingency found its way in. That and he had infinite reinfocements so there was no time to mess about. Pete won the first turn and mildly moved forwards on the west front provking me to stretch into combat. The east flank marched as hard as they could to gain ground. I had Faramir somewhere in the middle muddling about. If memory serves, I took off a single orc.

So here it was, turn 2. Full engagement on both sides. I called a combat move and Pete did the same. Right, so this was perhaps the first dumb thing we both did since Faramir moved about half an inch because I blocked myself off. I managed to dictate the combats which was good but Pete realised that he couldn’t get the big guy in and basically snookered himself too. Failings all round. Honestly we both should have planned for it better after round 1. The big moments came in the combat phase when Pete called on his re-rolls to wound which was massive if he had won any fights. Luckily my Fight 4 saw off his fight 3 plus the numerical advantage I forced on him so it largely swung my way. Damrod managed to kill an orc but spent his only might getting into a second combat and killing him too. Madril was impressed and caught ball watching and didn’t replicate this act with his fight. Overall, a powerful turn for Gordor which looked like another good turn would see me rush through.

By turn three, I really needed to win the initiative again. Just so I didn’t get pinned and could continue to press forward but alas, I got caught here. The inevitable support Pete needed got to my back rank and was making sure work of them. Surprisingly, the area around Gothmog was my biggest push. All his troops were dead there and I managed to use the wall as a nice dividing runway. Several of my troops just jumped into the trench run too in an effort to get protection from the wall.

There was a moment where I considered and almost put Faramir and his buddies into the big fight with Gothmog. Doing this would probably be a make or break situation but luckily Faramir didnt fit so any excuse to just run off then.

And finally Faramir managed to escape with 3 guys. There was the odd chance that more would do it too but it just wasn’t to be.

The game was a stone-cold draw.

6. The White Rider
4. The Raid of Pelargir