Scenario 6: The White Rider looked like it was going to be nice fluffy one, re-creating a scene straight out the movies: where Gandalf is riding out to see off some Winged Nazgul who are chasing down the battered and defeated Faramir and his few remaining mates as they flee Osgiliath. Faramir had slipped the net in our last game – it was down to the Wraiths to show the Orcs how catching people is done…

So in this scenario deployment was very straightforward, Gandalf starts one end of the board at the gates to Minas Tirith, mounted Faramir and around 10 Minas Tirith Knights start at the opposite edge. The mission is simply get Faramir through the gates alive.

Sai didn’t have the winner bonus from the previous scenarios which would have given Faramir Heroic March. Neither did I, as we had drawn. I can’t remember what that bonus that would have been, but I had 3 Winged Nazgul, so I wasn’t too bothered!

The three bad guys start off the board, and move on at the end of the first Evil move phase.

In the meantime they hovered and made plans atop a nearby Heroquest box

So in turn 1, Sai did the right thing and ran everybody forwards towards Minas Tirith, and Gandalf the other way. He had Faramir right in the middle of the gang of knights.

My Three wraiths came barrelling onto the board and tried to fling a couple of spells (Transfix and Instill Fear I think). Nothing really came off.

Turn 2, the Wraiths jumped, one either side, of the knight cluster, with the third chasing hard behind. They had no problem catching up as they had priority and were flying 12″ whilst Sai’s Knights were moving around 10″. This time I manged to Transfix Faramir to the spot, and then charged all three Nazgul into the fringes of the bunch of knights. Gandalf arrived and tried to banish the nearst wraith, but I thought I better go generous on the will in trying to resist it – which succeeded.

The ensuing fight phase was brutal. The wraiths won consistently, swallowing knights here and there, then did barges further into the group. I think it was turn three where one of the wraiths managed to reach Faramir and finished him off in no time.

Shockingly, that was it. Game over for Faramir!

In conclsion, this seemed to be one of the scenarios that is very difficult for Good to win. IF Sai had the Heroic March bonus, it may well have been a different story. I would then be trailing at the rear of the kinght bunch, theoretically it would have been hard to catch Faramir, if Sai positions well. Plus – I then have a fully armed Gandalf coming at me the other way. It would have been a very different deal in that case…

So with this game taking less than half an hour we went straight on to the next one, where Faramir gets a dressing down and is sent back out to do the whole thing pretty much in reverse!

7. Faramir's Charge
5. The Fall of Osgiliath