Written by the goodies, Sai.

So right off the bat, I was trashed in the last mission. I honestly thought I had a decent enough chance from the start but actually playing the mission it seems that I needed to win an initiative roll importantly to take charge of what would happen next. No excuses, I had no luck and the previous game ended prematurely.

So, in the same night we managed to get the second game in which is also relatively small. Small and pretty weird that in the designers notes it already states that the bad guys have won it.  

So without doing tactics and staying true to the story, I told Pete “I’m just going to recreate the scene and use their crappy tactics”. This meant setting up in a line getting ready to get shot to death. The photo below is an eye view from the Orcs that shows that off pretty well.

Gradually, Pete picked off my troops one by one with missile fire forcing me into a position where I just had to do a front charge. I knew I was going to lose but I also know that Pete is rubbish at rolling dice 🙂

Surrounded then, there was a pivotal turn I needed to win the initiative and….

I lost it… of course I did. Pete got all his charges in which seemed disastrous as I needed the charge with the extra bonuses. So as well as being pinned, outnumbered and continually peppered nothing seemed to be going my way. Every horse down was a serious blow too. And then it happens. Faramir won his fight against Gothmog and 3 cronies. Not only that but several fights’ sort of tampered my way. I managed to get a wound on Gothmog and the next round I won it too meaning all charges were on! There was a glimmer of hope across my face.

And then reality kicked in and I just lost everything pretty quickly. There is only so long you can go hoping that you roll better scores than your opponent.

Faramir fell and before i knew it I had one guy left fending off Pete’s remaining 30 guys or whatever.

It was an enjoyable if not fruitless mission. The reward for the bad guys from it was a little mundane which is good if its made an OP match up already. I didn’t learn anything new here, but hoses move 10 and not 8!

8. The Battle for Pelargir
6. The White Rider