Game 8! And there is trouble in Pelargir…

My Corsairs are still merrily setting fire to buildings in Pelargir, when suddenly The Three Hunters, plus Twin Elf Lords Elrohir and Whatsisname, plus a couple of other characters, not to mention some revenege seeking guys of Lamedon AND the King of the Dead and his sizeable retinue, show up to ruin the fun!

In this one I have the two Corsair Leaders from last time, ex-assassin Delgamar and angry acts-as-a-banner guy Dalamyr. This time I also have a couple of Bosuns, and a couple of captains to lead my 36 Corsairs, plus 12 crazy Reavers.


The mission is simple; get three of my heroes up the gangplank and onto the escape ship at the centre of the southern edge of the board. These three must include at least either Delgamar or Dalamyr. The problem? A ton of elite heroes are chasing me from the Northern board edge, and for some reason, the Dead of Dunharrow are guarding the entry to the ship.

Sai won the previous scenario in this thread, so he gets to deploy his heroes closer to me than he would otherwise (at least 6″ from my guys). My plan therefore is to fling back a load of chaff guys, split my heroes 50/50 between the East and West, and then try and block up the Dead guys with further chumps while my heroes somehow try to sneak or batter through. I did not have high hopes. I was right!

In turn 1, being 6″ away, Sai as able to charge all of his living heroes into the losers I’d purposefully left behind. What shocked me was slightly was the sheer brutality of these guys – they wiped 15 of my trrops out in that first charge (Sai making good use of Heroic Combats to maxmise this). No problem – as long as my heroes are moving south, it would all be fine…

Turn 1 dead piles; mine is the lower one

I’ll mention here that in the first few turns, Sai unfalingly won priority, which I reckon had a big effect on the getaway attempt.

We hit a self made problem pretty quick: Delagmar had not travlled south far enough and got caught by Elf Twin Guy #1. He smashed Delagmar who had to drop all his fate to live through it.

Second problem: The Army of the Dead were moving really carefully (and with priority) So one half my warriors were getting squeezed further to the right (whilst my lines were evaporating quickly on the left). It was all good – I still had enough heroes on the right flank to make it…

Except, The Dunharrow ghosts are so hard to wound for the average guy (needs a 6, I think I killed 4 of them all game), that we soon got bogged down and pinned against the sheer drop into the dock. By this time, Gimli and Aragorn had chainsawed their way through the rearguard and were close by.

Aragorn on the rampage

Delgamar himself was now up against both Elf twins, and despite managing to wound one of them, he was then cut down.

Delagmar : Deadamar

Sai polished off the last couple of Bosuns, which meant the escape had failed – the Corsairs presence in Pelargir is utterly broken! An absolute slaughter. I’m reporting these guys to the U.N.!

9. Atop the Walls
7. Faramir's Charge