What is Rise of the Underdogs?

Rise of the Underdogs pits 2 players against each other in a narrative adventure with consequences that roll over from one adventure to the next. One player will take control of the heroic Underdogs and the other will control the overwhelming Pack.

Playing actions and making difficult decisions is only the beginning. Which cards to purchase from your reserve, second guessing your opponent on initiative and which characters to target are just some of the features of this fast paced and tactical game where either side can grab victory right up until the last moment!

30 mins

2 players

Age 14+

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Ideas, testing and players needed for Showdown.

In Showdown you play a wild west settler who fights for justice, profit, or just to stay alive in the grim frontier of the Outlands. In each game you face off against other players  playing through rounds of poker that determine how well you shoot and dodge.

In each game of Showdown you are playing through a particular scenario, as described in the Tales of the Outlands scenario book. The objectives for each scenario change, so make sure every player knows what you’re trying to achieve before each  game.

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