Its been a good while since I updated any Underdogs happenings and with good reason. Version 2 of the Underdogs saw Brad feeling pretty negative about the Underdogs direction. Maybe with good reason too. I showed bits to various people but it never really had sticking power. I felt like I had to explain the system and why it was great without actually knowing the answers to that myself. This was an issue that I had to address.

Speaking with my friend Seamus, he was enthusiastic about getting the game ignited properly. At last, someone that wants to share in my enthusiasm.

Spending an entire weekend playing through the brand new Undaunted Normandy game, we both saw the light to abandon the idea of One Deck Dungeon and instead takes some inspiration from Undaunted for now.

After a week of talking about it both having played the same base system, we knew what needed to change. We had the luxury of playing a game and picking apart bits we didn’t like and replacing them with elements we wanted to play. Now after a week of rules writing there are similarities but really they are worlds apart. The future looks bright for the Underdogs!

Instead of a famine though, the entire story needs to focus on the Rise of the Underdogs.

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