What is it?

A worker placement game with a really heavy theme implemented. Dice rolling and card drafting are also key elements to the game.

What do you get?

Anachrony on the face of it can look quite confusing out of context. Without knowing what the game is you may think it’s a power ranger’s miniatures game. Joking aside, it comes with a lot of components in a really big box. Each faction has their own plastic miniature range and they are moderately detailed. Of course the game is stuffed to the ceiling with cards, cubes and crazy boards. Once you get to grips with it it’s not so overbearing though.

How does it work?

At its heart, Anachrony is a worker placement. Forgive me, as it’s been a couple months since I last played. Dedicating you team of engineers and scientists to various tasks you create resources in an effort to become immune to damage and self-sufficient. The risk here is you won’t have enough time to do all this but don’t worry, time travel is a thing so you can just pop to the future to borrow some stuff from there…and that’s where it goes crazy, because in the future you will need to pay back this resource in the past because it exists then!

Is it any good?

In a bonkers way, this game is full of flavour storytelling. I pointed out to my friends at the time that if it was just mining and discovery this game would be so dull and generic, but it has the time machine aspect to it which is just very cool. Each character for each faction gives a bonus to represent the sort of style you should be aiming to play, but I felt this wasn’t quite enough to make every faction feel different. The playing pieces are massive. Too big in my view for what could have been a 10mm figure. In fact, everything seems massive looking at it. Maybe it’s to compensate all the action options which at first glance, you will know if this game is not for you. It’s like an over load of icons in your face. The good news is, after the first turn and the shock of the board, the game takes shape and it’s not as scary as it looks.


Anachrony certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s a little heavy for a lot of casual gamers, it has its own theme that really may not appeal and there is a scare factor about the length of time it takes to play too. However, once you get into Anachrony, it’s a very cool game. It doesn’t have direct wars with player cards but there are plenty of ways to economically kill an opponent.

Anachrony is one of those games that is best reserved for a long afternoon when everyone is in a mood for something engrossing.


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