Late August Update:

Well I had vague ideas about posting step by steps on my Mordor force – but what with these Contrast paints – the process flew by. I’m really getting on with them. You just slap one coat onto the undercaot and it prodcues more or less the same result I used to get with a base coat, wash, highlight…more or less. Good enough for filthy Orcs and Trolls anyway! And no, I’m not on commission 🙂

So here we go – the basic Mordor Orcs, along with a Troll who’ll be needed very soon, are done to a tabletop standard. I get a week off soon because I’ll be usuing Haradrim I haven’t – so that’s guarenteed no painting (proxies or lendsies on standby…)

BUT – on the horizon there’ll be a requirement for Morannon Orcs and several named characters – all those guys are on the painting table very soon.


Mid August: It begins

Any week now we’re going to be setting out to try to run through all the scenarios from the Gondor at War sourcebook – yes all of them!

This was Sai’s idea. Whilst we don’t have every miniature called for all the scenarios, we do have a lot.

I’ve decided to at least make sure Mordor (who feature heavily in the campaign) are well represented with as many painted miniatures as possible. Cue a bit of shopping here and there for some of the more obscure named Orc Captains, and a lot of chopping and assembling… and I’m now ready to start the painting slog.

I am a chronically slow painter (suffering from both endless “I can make look it better” repetitive syndrome, as well as “I’ll start it tomorrow” apathy) so one thing I want to try with this project was, as far as possible, use the new Citadel Contrast paints. These are supposed to speed up painting, potentially achieving similar results with one thick coat, that would usually need a base coat, wash, highlight, another highlight, glaze…etc. So I’ll give them a go.

Looking at the sourcebook, Mordor Orcs come up very often in the early scenarios, so I’m tackling a bunch of those first.

Here are the lads, one new box of Mordor Orcs, plus some refugees from eBay (who already have a paint job on them for which not even the most hardened eBay veteran would claim “Pro Painted!”; they’re awful), as well as a metal banner model and captain here and there, some of whom have been hanging around my shelves for 15 years…

Updates to follow!

Gondors view... The light before darkness
Gondor at War