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Before you Read the battle report below, if you don’t know what this is about watch this very short video

So… The Orcs are attacking. It sounds like that old familiar story where they attack and the good guys lose in the start. We’ve seen this countless times before.  As I am writing this (Sai) you will see it from the Gondor perspective obviously.

The scenario Special rules were Gondor had to defend three objectives for 10 turns. The orcs at the end of each movement phase could get their numbers back. Every dead enemy on the roll of a 4+, another body comes in. Riiiiiiight….. so infinite points versus a small war band.

Setup out of the way, the way the terrain was setup meant the orcs had channels to run in. To be blunt, this battle report will be relatively easy to narrate because there was a left, right and centre and typically speaking the action waned from one area to another.  Turn 1 was relatively uneventful with the orcs making a predictable advance. They were pretty cautious and used the walls for cover for the most parts and lost a couple, not that Pete cared in the slightest.

Turn 2
I’ll begin by saying the centre was not a thing at this stage. The two areas under attack were the left and the right. The left flank (above) had orcs run in and get gunned down by a ranger line. Honestly it was beautiful. There was barely orcs left after the first volley.

Meanwhile, over the right, the first foray of combat had begun. It was relatively light and Gondor had the upper hand in the early rounds thanks to a defensive position and bottlenecks.

Turn 3
After doing so fantastically on the left the turn before, why wouldn’t I just stand and shoot off the remaining Orcs? Of course, the character had more wounds and fate points so to mitigate the risk I charged him, so he couldn’t claim the objective. Only 2 orcs left… easy pickings with my gun line focused squarely on them. How wrong I was. I only got 1 kill out of the 2 needed…. Objective down. The left has fallen. What a blunder to start off what should have been an easy win here.

Meanwhile, the centre stage began to fill up a little. This picture above, it sort of remained like that for the rest of the game with neither side unable to clearly mop up. I had a hero sitting there that was killing an orc a turn but that didn’t matter much when two guys popped up to replace him. This was such a stalemate but massively in Pete’s favour as he needed to wrap up my troops here, so they couldn’t aid one of the other more vulnerable flanks.  This image here… is how it looked up until turn 9.

Turn 4
A view from Faramirs angle showed that gradually the right flank was getting overwhelmed. As mentioned earlier I had control of the left flank with a decent force but it was far away from helping here. The saving grace was Pete was having a hard time actually killing anyone of the right, and the same can be said for my troops. I expected the right to fall but it hung on pretty well with no heavy losses.

Turn 5
Here you can see how it felt for many turns. The orcs were very gradually getting a foothold on the ruins but not without losing countless times. Honestly, I don’t know how many times troops were cornered but still didn’t die. It was sort of miraculous. I was still paying a heavy price every time I lost a troop however as the Orcs kept coming.

Turn 6
Slowly but surely I was kicked out. I had no plans to do anything daft at this stage and accepted this wing was lost. By this stage I had begun to pull the troops from the far side over too providing some very terrible cover fire that barely scratched him.

Turn 7 – 8
Turns 7-9 were not uneventful, but they saw the orcs gradually take the right flank and then make that final push for the centre! Yes, a code red for me now to surround the objective with what I had left.

I was reliant on Faramir to use his remaining might to turn the tide of battle.

Turn 9
It was now vital that Faramir got some crucial kills and tied up as many orcs as possible. He was untouched at this stage, so I wasn’t worried about him dying. “Roll for a duel… double 1!” And this was after spending one might point. It failed me so badly. I have nothing left. Luckily the combat with the rest of my goons went my way.

Turn 10
Before starting this turn, there was a millimetre challenge we put out, could Pete get his boss in or not? This wasn’t the only way he could win, but it was the simplest and without debate. It all came down to a initiative roll which I had advantage with…. and failed. Calling a last Heroic move, Pete did the same and blocked me up before I had a chance. It would have perhaps been more interesting if I had won that round but I see several ways he could have gotten away with it really.

Next scenario Pete gets to reroll to wound on Faramir and Boromir. He also gets +1 to wound. This defence just got a whole lot harder. This scenario was very cool though. It had a lot of timely stories and heat of the moment combats. I knew it would be a struggle to win it and I’m surprised I lasted as well as I did.

Next mission feels like another loss from my perspective.

2: Retaking of Osgiliath
Gondors view... The light before darkness