What is it?

DungeonQuest is as straight forward a dungeon crawler as you can get. The goal is to get the treasure and get out again but it’s not easy. Expect to perish on the way.

What do you get?

DungeonQuest comes with plastic figures representing the heroes, various decks required, explore tiles, tons of effect tokens and the rule book.

How does it work?

DungeonQuest prides itself on being very easy to play but very hard to win too. Select your hero with its unique abilities and start in any one of the 4 corners. Place 2 tiles down with options where to go next. On your turn you move into a tile and follow the rules of what to do for the tile. Ideally, getting closer to the centre of the board where the mounds of treasure reside as well as a sleeping dragon. If you manage to get to the centre and then get out again the person with the most treasure wins.

Is it any good?

I have played several games of this with a 5 year old and it never got boring. In fact, there are interesting ways to cheat the system grabbing the first loot you can and exiting the board in the hope that your opponents will never find more treasure than you had. Actually surviving the dungeon is pretty difficult. If you manage to get to the dragon you are normally mostly dead by that time unless you somehow carve a path out of hallways.

In short, every room is really dangerous but this sort of tension adds to the games replayability. It’s not a frustrating long experience. I found it interesting to always consider retreating with barely any treasure in the hopes your opponents die first. It also forces your opponent to be more daring and try get to the centre when you have evacuated.

Everything I have mentioned so far is a real positive to the game, what isn’t so great is the combat system. There is a paper scissors rock paper draw going on that is no fun at all, can be a little time consuming and is generally a real negative on an otherwise nice dungeon crawler.

To overcome this we just altered the rule a little bit to take damage right away to the enemies hit value. It seemed fair and moves the game along again.


DungeonQuest is really well presented. Simple rules with an unpredictable difficulty are most welcome. Its quick gameplay time too adds to the experience. More on the side of a casual game than a hard-core game muddles it a little bit with some gamers I suspect as people that really want to win may be in for a surprise and really hard-core gamers may find the rules a little light at times. Overall a nice adventure and best with 4 players.

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