What is it?

A solo game with a set amount of cards that progressively gets harder as you venture through the deck until you finally fight pirates at the end.

What do you get?

Friday comes with a small number of cards.

How does it work?

It took me a lot of patience and practice to finally really understand and appreciate the complexity of the game design. Each card is split in half, the top half displaying the effort required to conquer the card and the score required depending on the stage you are at. On the bottom are your fight stat and the bonus keyword it will give you for winning it. 

After going through the difficulties 3 times then you confront the pirates. Randomly select 2 pirate encounters and they are the end bosses.

At first glance it’s pretty confusing and honestly there could have been a little more help on the cards to identify what everything means.

Is it any good?

Yea, once you get it it’s a pretty awesome solo game. There is a lot to take in on your first attempt and at first glance I was so confused. I don’t think I really enjoyed it until I finally beat the first stage and that was after a lot of play through’s. Honestly, I don’t know what happened that made me persist but I’m glad I did. This is a strictly solo experience which is a good thing because the game design isn’t trying to scale for anything else.


As much as I now enjoy it immensely, I can see how this isn’t for everyone. The steep learning curve, the solo aspect and its lack of a greater campaign all contribute to why you may not be a fan. But this is also to the games strength, looking for a strong quick narrative. When I picture it being played I imagine it being a perfect game to bring to a hotel room for a few rounds. 

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