Games that we didn’t especially like…

There is an old saying “If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All” but honestly, that was created before the internet and now we can all hurl abuse at each other safely in the knowledge you will not get physically hurt (probably).

I’m not going to be especially mean here, but sometimes games come along and they just don’t quite work for you. Some are more apparent than others and at times it can be as simple as story all the way to the complexity of the rulebook.

The list below is made of some ‘shamers’ not because they are awful games, but because we found fault with them. They are in alphbetical order so there is no worst game. Let’s go and I’ll try being gentle…

Android: Netrunner

This game is a commercial hit! It no secret that people love this and cannot wait for the latest release. However, the fluff actually ruined this for me. Replace that computer virus with a fireball spell and I may well have been its biggest fan but I just couldn’t get into the various terminology of it. I’d compare it to Magic in a lot of respects.

The Banner Saga: Warbands

Here’s a game I really wanted to like after loving the video game so much. When I read the rules it was just quite flat. The variations come within the event cards but that felt like it would make a very random and unconnected story. The combat had a chess sort of feel to it with auto hit and damage and nothing really felt right about it. It could have been the best game ever but the sales pitch felt very far from the product.

Cave Troll

An old FFG game by today’s standards focusing on quite a lot of push your luck mechanics. The problem with Cave Troll is in its replayability. It wants you to play the 4 player game as much as possible but even then it has quite a big setup for what it is. Presented with the option, we always went to Wiz War instead and never looked back.

Cthulhu Wars

Here’s a game I’ve played twice now with 6 players both times. The guys seem to love it which is great, but at the end I always feel a sense that it runs a very similar course requiring betrayal and allies to progress. These notions are often great in games but this game is too straight forward and direct. Nothing subtle to it at all. The playing pieces are all oversized too and not practical for a board game. I’m out next time this is happening.

Cube Quest

The game of really sore fingers. I’ve not played the latest flick em style games which seem like a nice step up on Cube Quest. In fairness, we don’t review many dexterity style games mainly because it’s not our bag. Cube Quest isn’t bad especially but it doesn’t really have variety or replayability that you would hope for.

Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

I had really high hopes for this series and bought the entire thing for a small fortune. Playing through the first box I realised I made a huge mistake and I kind of hate what it represented.  The combat is so flat, the dungeon tiles are really boring and there is minimal interaction with the story book. Please look at Sword & Sorcery instead of this for a proper experience.

Geek Out!

I personally quite enjoyed this as it’s just like a game show with your friends but what I didn’t realise is my gamer friends don’t like this! Okay, so Geek Out! It’s a set of questions that give challenges. The part that annoyed people is everyone needs to be on the same page playing it. I don’t really have a good example of who its aimed at but the first question “name 3 books with the Joker in it” literally had people in tears because only  I could answer it, and even then Google needed to be on hand to verify it. Much shouting was caused and the game was put to bed for a friendly game of Werewolf instead.


I’ve played Gloom twice now, once with 8 people and once with 4. Both times it felt like a slog to just get through the rounds and kill off your dam family. It’s supposed to have a large comedic tone to it I guess which may have worked when I was younger but an old grumpy sod like me can’t relate to it.

Legacy of Dragonholt

This only just made this list. I loved what they did to make a huge world, no dice needed and a game I played in bed. Sounds ace right, but the story itself was so…. boring. Every day you wake up and have the option to go to lots of places and they all nearly did the same thing. Read loads of paragraphs, +1 to some stat. The highlights were the adventure books outside town but then the narrative combat was a bit weird at time and overall I never felt the peril. I would recommend this to people looking for a long narrative journey. Do not play it multiplayer whatever you do. You’ll lose friends.


Ah Munchkin. How many versions of the same game have you made now? It never really was especially funny and it amazes me that it’s still going. I even had a game last year to make sure and after it, I was sure it’s still not for me. Comedy at its worst.

The Refuge: A Race for Survival

Sometimes… there is nothing nice to say about games.

And there you have it. Our not very nice list of games.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark
Rum & Bones