The shadows grow darker, the grip of Sauron tightens. The people of Middle Earth must act now, because it is already too late…

Gondor at War is a The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game expansion that tells the tale of several large encounters. Pete and Sai have decided to play the full way through the whole Episode and document it from start to finish.

Pregame notes
Sai is playing the good guys, the last alliance
Pete the legions of Mordor

As each game is played, the world is updated and we hope to really give a nice visual aid as to what is happing through photos and some sort of tactical map. Words alone will not describe this conflict!

The format of the Campaign is pretty clear in the book. Play a game, winner and loser have rewards for future missions to note. Play the next mission and apply the conditions if there are any. Rinse wash and repeat.

Final words

In total, there are a lot of games to get through so we wont be in a rush to play through it.

Gaming is set to commence for the Autumn 2019.

Building an Army worthy of Gondor at War