A View from Gondor

And to follow on from Pete’s preparation, I thought I would share my own. I have everything painted and ready. No doubts now that this will be a superb run in but looking at the first two missions I really have my doubts about winning it. I mean, it seems so hard. 10 turns against infinite orcs with some rabble men. And game 2, your heroes are really squishy from that loss…. I didnt want to read any further in case I quit before even playing the first game!

No, this is a fluff game and looks a hell of a lot of fun. Sure, there is no list building but in a more positive way that means taking troops that I never would have dreamt of taking before. It feels like an entire episode in experimentation.

In my 4 games run up to this campaign it would be an understatement to say I’ve not learnt tons about everything. I feel I’m at a stage where anyone could tell me anything and I’d fall for it. But thats also the charm. Learn from those mistakes and try not make them again.

Ideally from next week on we’re going to play two games a week and release both battle reports. Most likely text with some images in-between. You know, old school and that.

Anyway. Hopefully we have a nice shiny intro on Tuesday when we kick off!

Defence of Osgiliath
Building an Army worthy of Gondor at War