What is it?

A simple puzzle game capturing points and removing tiles.

What do you get?

Hey that’s my fish comes with lots of tiles tokens and the various coloured plastic penguin pieces.

How does it work?

Starting, set the board anyway you like. It’s one of the best aspects of the game that it can be oddly shaped but to start it suggests oval.

Each player takes a turn to move one of their penguins in a straight line to a tile. They then claim the tile and remove it from the game. Gradually the game will shrink as the tile pieces are removed and in the end you can claim any fish in your end section.

Is it any good?

Yea, Hey, That’s My Fish! It’s awesome fun to play and I have yet to play with kids. There is a sheep version too that did pretty much the same thing but it wasn’t quite as good. The simplicity, table size and fast paced action means this should be a winner for any age group.


I think it’s a superb game and it should be in every collection, especially those with kids but its biggest downfall is its price. I know, it’s only a tenner but it still feels slightly too high for what you get. I guess Love Letter is the same sort of price and has less to offer! We had so little to write about this except its awesome.

Rum & Bones
Sheriff of Nottingham