I think we’ve hit a real milestone.

The printers have accepted all the artwork! The game is a real thing. We’ve triple checked it through to make sure we’re as error free as possible now too. This stage was actually far more challenging than I anticipated. Honestly, I thought on the surface, just send them files and they’ll figure it out. How naive I was because anything questionable comes right back to you and rightly so. But we’ve not pressed the go ahead button just yet! I’m potentially set for a house move and some other key developers are unsettled now too. Call it a strange time to try and do anything.

Before we get these prototypes we’re pondering should we push on and playtest more missions sooner than later too. The entire story arc is written but how they play out on the board is very much theory at the moment. The next update is hopefully to say the prototype is in our hands and we’re really pushing forwards. Watch this space…

The Prototype Arrives!
Upgrading Design