What is it?

Krosmaster Junior is a simplified version of the Krosmaster universe. Teaching strategy elements, applying modifiers, dice rolling, map reading and fast maths.

What do you get?

Krosmaster Junior comes with perhaps the most beautiful pre-painted miniatures out there. The boards and scenery are equally impressive and just as a showpiece it looks spectacular. Krosmaster Junior comes with a load of bits and your character cards and books too.

How does it work?

Krosmaster Junior is pretty simple. The scenario book really holds your hand as each new mission introduces new game mechanics. To start with you are just chasing each other around the board for example and there is no combat. This is a smart way to introduce younger players with no background in gaming.

Is it any good?

I found Krosmaster Junior to be pretty good for an introduction for a keen kid that really wants to learn strategy board gaming. Unfortunately for me, I played through a couple of the scenarios with a 7 year old that isn’t that into the competitive side of things. I could see how with the right kids, this game would be a blast and honestly, the book does a really good job mission to mission introducing extra bits so it never feels overwhelming.

It’s a good advert for the proper game too because if you did manage to get the whole way through it there is something like 15% more rules to expand on, and with the right kids they’ll really want to challenge this head on.

I recall being ten years old and very eager to play HeroQuest for example but my sister was much keener on Key to the Kingdom, just because HeroQuest was a little long and complex.

The really cute and large figures had my 7 year old wanting to play with them as dolls more that the game itself.


Krosmaster Junior certainly has a market. There are potential players out there and it’s wonderful that there is a game here that focuses on how to play the game in its entirety. There are a lot of junior style games that often replicate the senior version badly, taking out important elements and fundamentally changing everything but Krosmaster Junior really stays true to the senior version.

Although I don’t get to play it, I don’t regret taking the chance to find out about it and for what it’s worth, it’s awesome if you have kids at the right age.

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