Hey Guys, Sai has made it as far as hes bothered with LOTR LCG. Some basic notes on his thoughts with each mission below.

I’ll say this for the game, it’s absolutely brilliant, relentless, frustrating and pretty repetitive.
The reason I stopped playing is I realised somewhere down the line that I just dont like card drafting. It just has no appeal to me to create decks and this is where the joy of the game really shines.

So, without further attention:

Name Cycle Attempts notes
The Lord of the Rings Core
Passage Through Mirkwood 1 Super easy quest, good way to introduce. There are a few mechanics in there that could perhaps trip you up and catch you off guard but any old weak deck should be able to smash this
Journey Down the Anduin 1 The trick here is how to deal with a troll right away. Nice finale to the mission too where everything in the staging area attacks at once. Be ready for a tough mission part 3
Escape from Dol Guldur 1 I honestly don’t see why this is an 8 difficulty. When I see the moans about this quest, it seems to be its impossible as a solo experience using just the core set…. Well, using two handed and newer sets its quite a good straight forward mission. A lot of threat and damage to deal with but that is what the game fundamentally wants you to try mitigate.
The Hunt for Gollum Shadows of Mirkwood 1 Way too easy a scenario. Stupidly easy. I understand that the hope is you have to keep repeating stage 2 but there are so many ways around it. Did it while sleeping. Fluff wise it’s a little dull too.
Conflict at the Carrock Shadows of Mirkwood 3 Cool mission. Failed it twice because I had quested too well so switched it over to the green deck instead of blue. The Green guys were borderline winning that but they were a great addition in the big fight versus the trolls with traps and debuffs going off. Quest this one slowly because 4 trolls is a hell of a hit
A Journey to Rhosgobel Shadows of Mirkwood 2 Ha. I like the mission in general but there is a stupid disclaimer that shocks you. The eagle dies unless you fully heal him by card 3. I didn’t know that! So… yea, silly scenario with a good fluff around it.  The bad part is even when you are going to smash this scenario you can still lose through a threachery that puts a wound on the eagle because he cant have attachments and then you lose by accident. Im not keen on this mission ending.
The Massing at Osgiliath GenCon 2011 1 LOVE this missions. Its really straight forward and the various tricks and traps tell you exactly what to do. I see it being much harder years ago. Mission part 3 is potentially difficult as you need to discard a ranger. Serious fighting mission which I love.
The Hills of Emyn Muil Shadows of Mirkwood 1 With modern decks this mission is stupidly easy. I used a green and blue deck and at no time did I see how I was meant to lose. Bit of a dull mission at the same time though…
The Dead Marshes Shadows of Mirkwood 2 I don’t really like this quest because it intorduces an escape phase with some unclear guidelines around its rules. I played it wrong entirely! Game 1 I made it much harder for myself and I also was using strength. Trying it again. Nice fluff to a tricky mission.
Return to Mirkwood Shadows of Mirkwood 1 Gold mission! Straight forward, 4 stages that basically try kill you with threat. I was pretty lucky to get past it with numerous ways to reduce threat. Good balance of fighting and treachery
Khazad-dûm Khazad-dûm
Into the Pit 1 AWESOME quest. Various stages trying to slowly threat you to death primarily. Big ambush part is exciting. Lots of variation. Replayability in it too.
The Seventh Level 1 Terrible quest. Way too easy. It starts you off with an item letting your character not needing to tap to quest. It feels like there should have been a part 3 to the quest as part 2 tries to be exciting doubling the enemies thrown at you but its fruitless.
Flight from Moria 2 I have a love hate thing about this quest. Mainly that it is too easy and too hard. The more quests you complete the harder the mission becomes. Its good because it has 2 different endings for you to attempt. Its bad because there are auto lose conditions in here. By auto lose, literally, deal a card, if its a treachery you die. I think most of the deck is treachery too so then it becomes a frustrating one with the other completion. Overall, I got lucky and drew the non treacheries required and it was the first card out too.
The Redhorn Gate Dwarrowdelf 1 Alright mission. Annoying bad guys and I’m glad I didn’t take my red deck as it would have just insta died. Most of the triggers didn’t cause me much alarm. Horrible Wargs throughout though.
Road to Rivendell Dwarrowdelf 1 This isnt as easy a mission as it lets on, It’s a really fighty enemy deck and I went in with my trap deck which worked, but there was too much.
The Watcher in the Water Dwarrowdelf 2 Daft mission. Part two you can fighter the watcher who is near unstoppable or escape by matching letters from discarding cards. Its clever and nearly works but its very random. Not sure if I liked it as I feel like it’s a little too luck based there.
The Long Dark Dwarrowdelf 1 This was a very substandard mission. I was expecting something more fun to happen In it but it never does. It does play with push your luck quite a lot with the treachery cards.
Foundations of Stone Dwarrowdelf 1 Great mission with so much scope and imagination put in. It’s a bit of a shame that the transition from stage 4 to 5 is written quite messily and there are some questions over various effects but looking over that one part, it was really superb! I almost lost it from the part 4 twist too. Another mission that tries to tackle you from all angles. Great stuff.
Shadow and Flame Dwarrowdelf 1 This is a quest I recall playing years ago and finding it near impossible. The balrog essentially kills a guy on each player per turn. It brutal if you don’t expect it. The secret to smashing this quest is Galadriel because you can safely keep your threat at 0 and never get attacked by him. Sure, the other player will be just prep your decks expecting to defend hard or throw away cheaply. This game I was lucky to get the horn of gondor in my opening hand meaning I had plenty of cash to burn. Fluffy mission, good job on this one. My only cavat is the dark pit has some strange effects that could happen… you could complete it and put it in the discard for example and then you’ve failed the mission. Oh well, it was good anyway if you time it right its not an issue.
The Battle of Lake-town GenCon 2012 2 I didn’t enjoy this much. I seemed to be missing some very basic rules how Smaug attacks. Regardless, It seemed needlessly hard, which I guess it should be but whatever.
Heirs of Númenor Heirs of Númenor
Peril in Pelargir 1 What a tough quest. I know I have one success here but years ago we played this quest about 6 times. Its probably that I was more wary of it than anything. Nice fluff story about the scroll bouncing about the place. I think this is the start of the power creep in enemy decks.
Into Ithilien 3 Into ithillien is a bloody tough mission! How the f did they rate it a 4/10 difficulty. Horrendous changes throughout requiring you to cbange the questing heroes. Anyway… did it on effort 3.
The Siege of Cair Andros 2 Haha. This mission is not a 7 difficulty. I went lenient because I was doing so well and then suddenly a combo came out that wiped me out on the final stages. I played it that I took a ton of damage but still. Combo of awful shadow cards with strong bad guy stats. This is the start of the power creep.
The Steward’s Fear Against the Shadow 1 Stuarts Fear is an Okay scenario, it has a pretty heavy guided setup and during play things evolve really slowing it down. I’m not overly keen on these complex missions. Overall, there are good elements to it too, nice plot and boss fights to it.
The Drúadan Forest Against the Shadow 1 YES! Great quest! It picks on your resources all game and spending them can really punish you. I did it fairly easily but that was through good draw combinations than good play. I can see how this mission could really smash you too.
Encounter at Amon Dîn Against the Shadow 1 I love this quest. Its really fun and very fluffy. Saving people from buring buildings. Interesting win/lose mechanic too. The mechanics take a step away from vanilla conditions but don’t over complicate it.
Assault on Osgiliath Against the Shadow 1 farce! I accidentally completed this mission in about 5 minutes.Turn 2, no other locations showed up, nothing happened to take the one I had off me and well… that was that. I played this years ago and I recall it being crazy hard with the wrong enemy combo.
The Blood of Gondor Against the Shadow 1 Great quest. Starts as a defence, moves to attack after the first part. The hidden mechanic is superb and I’d love to see it again.
The Stone of Erech GenCon 2013
The Morgul Vale Against the Shadow 1 Excellent quest. Basically beat the 3 bosses. Harder than I first let on as I kept losing heroes to the shadow cards jumping over and killing my questing deck! Awesome stuff. Straight forward yet replayable too.
The Voice of Isengard The Voice of Isengard
The Fords of Isen 2 Get your cards out of your hand mission! Lots of enemy effects based on your card numbers in hand.
To Catch an Orc 2 Good mission where the enemy is a pain and keeps trying to escape.
Into Fangorn 4 No defenders really needed. All out attack mission.
The Dunland Trap The Ring-maker 4 Healer needed! Kept getting to the end and just losing. Tried several times with the wrong decks.
The Three Trials The Ring-maker 2 LOTR LCG Three Trials mission complete. One of the more mundane quests I’ve played but good all the same. I had quite a lot of issues with triggers in the mission. some awkward not sure what happens now then bits with card interactions.
Trouble in Tharbad The Ring-maker 1 Pretty easy mission. On the face of it, I thought a high threat party would be bad but really it wasn’t. There isnt much of a surprise here and there are several enemy locations that benefit you enough to easily sail through. Easy mission indeed.
The Nin-in-Eilph The Ring-maker 1 Jesus I’ve never had a closer game to memory. Both decks at 49 threat and only a long shot to win it! Its one of those annoying quests where an enemy surge just resets the bloody quest. You could get lucky and do this quest in about 4 rounds.
Celebrimbor’s Secret The Ring-maker 2 Pretty cool quest with a slow build up to an epic climax. Enemies slowly killing off locations to increase your threat. A lot of cool headedness needed to find the bad guy that wasn’t that tough, but its just getting to him first!
The Antlered Crown The Ring-maker 1 Awesome mission with a good chance the enemy will overrun you. Lots of locations with timers on them running down. Luckily, in my first attempt everything went my way.
The Lost Realm The Lost Realm
Intruders in Chetwood 1 Intruders in chetwood is a pretty generic lotr lcg mission but it’s nice to go back to basics now and then. Liked how the side quests mingled in it though. Final board was pretty full. On a side note. One card made me draw encounters equal to the number of quests on the table. I had 4 out. That was a painful turn to deal with
The Weather Hills 2 Weather hills for lotr lcg complete after second attempt. First try the part 2 reveal really shafted me. Didn’t expect damage on characters to have such a big impact. More fool me…
Deadmen’s Dike 3 Dead man’s pike mission was incredible. Failed twice and the third time two heroes fell. Epic finish with beregond spearing the big baddie and then beorn mashing him. Winning card was an early close call though.
The Wastes of Eriador Angmar Awakens 3 Wastes of eriador complete after 3 tries. Very frustrating mission with lots of bits to remember. Shadow cards were brutal. Epic finish with beorn taking down the pack leader
Escape from Mount Gram Angmar Awakens 3  Escape from Mount Gram is a really awkward mission with a good idea to it. Mainly because of the two staging areas that eventually merge. Its got a neat idea of collecting allies and weapons from jailors. The hardest part to this quest was trying to complete a quest phase with an all tactics deck. I ended up ditching that idea in favour of a green deck which worked much better but when it came to the combat I struggled a little.
Across the Ettenmoors Angmar Awakens 2 Smashed across the ettenmoors lotr lcg in one attempt. The safe keyword is almost abusable. Not sure if I was lucky or its an easy scenario. Plenty of healing ftw
The Treachery of Rhudaur Angmar Awakens 1 Great fun mission but overall pretty easy. The first half has you trying to complete 3 side quests. These are all lost after 5 turns. Completing them isnt a major advantage but makes the last hurdle much shorter. Loved this.
The Battle of Carn Dûm Angmar Awakens 4 What a dumb impossible mission! Starts on a battle, then switches, which is only terrible because of the punishing difficulty of the boss that is in the deployment area. Constantly giving shadow cards out and they are all pretty nasty too. This mission is rated as a really difficult one for a reason but its beyond punishing. A very specific tailored deck would get through it but honestly, this is a pretty poor mission. I quit trying again.
The Dread Realm Angmar Awakens 4 Jesus, this mission is very overwhelming. Some of the card mechanics and timings are a little odd so I’ve fumbled through it to a degree. It’s a collossal war against the undead which is really awesome but very tough. Stage 2… WOW its tough. Way too tough. This mission makes you make a massive army and it has several ways to punish you for it too. I did it on easy mode (6 starting money) and it was still near impossible.
The Grey Havens The Grey Havens
Voyage Across Belegaer 3 Incredible quest. The rulebook is a little convoluted but when I got into it it was ace. It took three efforts as the first 2 were really against me. Stay on course! 3rd game I managed to get my threat down so low that enemy ships were never than much of an issue.
The Fate of Númenor 1 I LOVE this mission. It has you looking at undercover islands and trying to find the right one. A land exploration deck sorts it right out. My red deck had very little to do during it really. Odd little scuffle. The treachery didn’t hurt much either.
Raid on the Grey Havens 3 Nice burning mechanic similar to one used in a previous event. My first 2 games I pretty much lost on the opening hand which was bizarre. The side 2B was pretty easy ending. Maybe I just got lucky that I wasn’t swarmed but I was ready by that stage.
The Ruins of Belegost GenCon 2015
Murder at the Prancing Pony Fellowship 2015
Flight of the Stormcaller Dream-chaser 6 This was awesome. I tried a blue green mix and really failed to take down enemies although I got close to outrunning the bad ship several times. Racing against an enemy was so unique. It took a bit of understanding to get it and it really utilised all the sailing mechanics. Really great mission though and very challenging.
The Thing in the Depths Dream-chaser 1 Neat mission. Not knowing what happens next was really enjoyable. There was a strong chance at one point I’d lose too if another grapple tentacle came out. Somehow I really nailed it from the start though. Slowly took control of the first quest and bided my time hurting the Thing.
Temple of the Deceived Dream-chaser 1 I kind of loved the idea of this mission but in practice it was a bit of a mess. The idea of the map is super cool but its what happens after that is the issue. So many long sprawling rules to it just makes a case that it didn’t know how to handle the map. It was a sprawl on my table too and all that careful space was all over the place. I wasnt impressed, failed the mission once and have no desire to complete it. Move along.
The Drowned Ruins Dream-chaser 3 Hard mission at first. I got the mechanics a little wrong as the underwaterparts are a little unique. Good mission which felt very hard to get the balance of when to buy and when to go on the missions. Underwater was super tough. The story event that happens for part B was ace. Its the first time I’ve really been excited to read the sheets and find out what happened in the overall story.
A Storm on Cobas Haven Dream-chaser 2 Hmm. Unsure on this quest. There were quite a few moments where I had cards which I’m not sure if I could use with other cards. Basically, the ship types have made it hard to distinguish, are they allies and enemies? Had fun otherwise. There was a nice touch with the objectives.
The City of Corsairs Dream-chaser 1 Another weird mission. I actually enjoyed playing it through but the setup is really long and tedious. The first part has you playing a sea mission and then from 2 onwards its normal. Switch decks all over the place which I hate because there is just room to mess up the rules. That and the really boring long winded rules to it just felt pointless. Sure, it was trying to tell a bigger story but it would have been more fun if it was just on land or just at sea. Overall, I’m happy to be done with this cycle. I’m not that warm on the sailing mechanics for the most part.
The Sands of Harad The Sands of Harad
Escape from Umbar 1 Terribly boring quest. Lots of enemy fighting but tons of roadblocks to stop you progressing the mission. It felt like it could have gone on for hours too but luckily I just took the chance when I could. I also think there is a sort of practical loop where you fail this mission from the definition of the card always in play where you lose if you have no quest tokens because there is also a cavat with the enemies to be killed so the timing suggests it will happen at the end of the round and you will get 0 tokens.
Desert Crossing 1 Difficulty 6???? What? This was an absolute breeze of a quest. I feel I probably got lucky several times over but even still, there was barely any challenge. But was it fun? Not really, I see how it could have been but it wasn’t
The Long Arm of Mordor 3 Agh, I played it wrong. I didn’t read that the orcs kept damaging at the end of the round so I played a pretty easy version of this quest by accident. I say easy, Jaysus, you start off with a hero who isnt even one you selected. The jail mechanic for this is pretty cool and it took me a long time to eventually power creep my way to the top. I should probably have this as a lose but I can see myself coming back to this mission again. I’m sure there is an optimal build for this quest too, something I certainly wasnt doing.
The Mûmakil Haradrim 1 Cute mission. Not overly challenging and there is an okay twist but not much else to it.
The Siege of Annuminas Gen Con / Fellowship 2016
Race Across Harad Haradrim 1 This mission was AWESOME. It suffers from card interactions and who is where and what stage areas count as but generally I think I got it right, and more to the point, they got it right. When you are not in the same staging area as the enemy they have a lethal way to ramp right up. The ending was really touch and go too as technically speaking you need to complete a last travel action, but then again, you start on zone 2 and them on 1. Of all the missions in the entire game, this one really feels like something you could replay over and over. Same mechanic as one of the ship races but without the silly ship phases going on.
Beneath the Sands Haradrim 2 Not a very enjoyable mission as there is a random element to being on or off track. I say its random but you can increse the chance of it by pushing your luck with harder cards. BUT it just had that feeling about it that things can go wrong just because of that. THe first game I had a massive army but couldnt quest for shit and it killed me.
The Black Serpent Haradrim 2 Almost a superb experience. It sticks with the core mechanics which is great but there is a hell of a lot to remember and each phase has slight differences to keep tabs on. I’m not really a fan of this as after winning it I recalled a phase where I forgot the big bad attack because it is mentioned on one of the cards in passing. Its this sort of thing that punishes the player to play the memory game about who is doing what.
The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat Haradrim 1 Okay mission. It doesn’t play much with the core mechanics which is good. Few odd conditions and overall I sailed through it with the slow and steady approach.
The Crossings of Poros Haradrim 2 Very cool idea in this mission branching into several different decks creating vastly different ideas and proposing decent replayability. The starting point though is so tough. Allies getting shafted right away and it doesn’t really let up. I was doing fine up until the third part and then losing all my cards really hurt me. That and facing the orc captain was just mean. I can totally see how you could get through this easily without a scratch with the right draws too. Pretty neat quest but I cant be arsed finishing it.
Attack on Dol Guldur Gen Con / Fellowship 2017 1 Stupidly hard mission. It was fun playing it with 9 players though.
The Wilds of Rhovanion The Wilds of Rhovanion
Journey Up the Anduin 3 Not a fun quest at all. Its nice that they revisit the old base game decks and make them some what broken with an Evil gang. Jesus those guys were crazy because they all have surge so you constantly have 5 enemies
Lost in Mirkwood 2 First play, I got smashed! Second play I smashed. Its got layers of levels to go through and some work easier than others apparently.
The King’s Quest 3 First dragon mission I’ve ever played. The first 2 playthroughs were brutal. The first stage just has a horrible condition on it which I wasn’t willing to risk. Push come to shove, I did risk it and it was worth it though it messes up your threat real bad. There are really strong trolls in the deck too which at the wrong time cripple you. The drake is very annoying all round. Its al alright mission but it just felt difficult to be difficult.
The Withered Heath Ered Mithrin 3 This is a good quest! It had all the makings of clever slow design to keep you guessing and invested. It was a throwback to early quests too. I really like the delve deep deck that they invented, its got a lot of scope to it. The ice drake certainly wasnt a push over but I an army by the time he popped out. I can see this quested was trying to make you time out on threat as you could only do limited damage to him. It was really good though.
The Wizard’s Quest GenCon 2018
The Woodland Realm Fellowship 2018 1 Me and Pete vs Andy and Sam. It was okay. My decks seems really over powered compared to their teams which was pretty obvious from the get go. It was a pretty nice way they devised making decks but I would have preferred the team play aspect that they normally do so well.
Roam Across Rhovanion Ered Mithrin 1 I don’t know if I was lucky or this mission is stuidly easy, but I walked it pretty much. Didn’t really see the clever factor in it but at least I wasn’t frustrated.
Fire in the Night Ered Mithrin 1 Right. Stupidly hard quest. I like the theory of it a lot. It could have done a lot more to be less random, choose two cards from the quest phase, pick one or whatever. It was already bonkers hard!
The Ghost of Framsburg Ered Mithrin
Mount Gundabad Ered Mithrin
The Fate of Wilderland Ered Mithrin
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