Love Letter

What is it?

A card game where players must manipulate and guess each other’s characters aiming to end on the highest points tally.

What do you get?

There are 16 cards in total ranging from 1 to 8 points. Love letter comes in various forms but most commonly there is a draw bag and cubes/tokens too.

How does it work?

Each player gets a card. On their turn they play a card and add it to their discard pile leaving them with 1 card. You do whatever is displayed on the card which is generally swapping, looking or guessing their card. You play Love Letter over a number of rounds until one player eventually collects enough cubes to be declared the winner.  The cheat sheet you get with Love Letter ensures that no player is ever confused.

Is it any good?

Love Letter is really easy, casual and so fast. I’ve only played it once and my experience was positive if not a little confused with how much you get for so little. A game typically lasts 5 minutes or so and players quickly get eliminated.  This works to the games strength as having experienced werewolf or bang, when players go out and have to wait there can be an awful drag. In essence I see the resurgence of group games gaining popularity that manage to get rid of the “you’re out” mechanic.


Much like the game, I feel like a Love Letter short review is in order. It doesn’t take up a lot of room or cost very much. It’s certainly the game you play before or after games, not as the main course. I personally think there is much better out there but it fills a space that no other game I can think of besides snap resides.

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