What is it?
Showdown Tales of the Outlands is a Poker variant game using the standard rules of five-card stud poker rules. This makes it a very easy game to pick up and explain to play as most people have a grasp on poker from a young age. The larger picture is Showdown has each player play a faction in a wild west steam punk world through a series of scenarios all with a small perk prize for winning.

How far into development is it?
Showdown is pretty much done. The combat is good fun and poker/gamer fans can get stuck in immediately. There is a cheat sheet card that literally contains all the rules of play.

What is still required for it?
The artwork isn’t right. We’ve played a few games of it and user testing is now the main focus required. The scenarios could do with being a little more interesting and tested in areas too.

Honestly, everything is still required. It has all the workings of a really fun casual game but testing it with different player counts is proving pretty tricky. Backgrounds and worldbuilding is still way off too but the theme is very heartening.

Anything else?
Showdown is Flashback Generations most complete game (up to 2018) and really isn’t that far from being a real live project. We are suffering from a shortage of active play testers and if possible, would relish the opportunity to get some 6 player games going. If you can get to the North West, we’d be happy to get some demos running so we can launch this game properly.

We’ve also had several thoughts about the expansions and additional content. This game is ripe for more content!


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