What is it?

Ultimately, Steam is a game about collecting resources that score points.

What do you get?

The base game comes with a double sided board, a ton of little wooden bits and so many card counters it will make your head spin. The presentation is average, the map is quite nice and the tiles you place are well suited but the resources and extra bits are all quite plain and just coloured. Don’t expect to be blown away by the art.

How does it work?

Building railroads, you connect to station towns with various resources. Traversing down your routes, you can claim these resources all in the name of scoring in the end game.

Is it any good?

Where the game gets interesting is with multiple players how they built their railways and if they allow access to other players. Early on in the game this mechanic doesn’t really feature but as you get into it you start to see the issues you will have trying to occupy swathes of land that will become inaccessible. The early game is interesting too as this is when you define your regions and your main paths for the latter game. Each player gets different bonuses depending on when their turn is to soften the blow of going last.

Steam is a game that is a bit of an oddity with its fan base. It’s not quite casual enough like Ticket to Ride to appeal to all and there is no cool factor about trains in a society dominated with superheroes and wars.


I personally wasn’t in love with Steam. It was fine but sometimes the mechanics felt over complex. The theme is very boring and there isn’t anything there to change that. But there is something nice about Steam too; it’s almost a competitive game. I imagine playing this with my dad and his mates drinking Whiskey for whatever reason.


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