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What is it?
Tales of the Ring is a dungeon delving, skirmish, RPG adventure story game. The game is mission based and tells a story about the heroes on a skirmish level similar to Descent, Imperial Assault or Hero Quest.  The aim of the game is to battle through the scenario book and reach the end. The base combat system is loosely based on D&D with a dose of Dungeon Saga.

Between missions players will be presented various options given to them by the DM in the form of a card. On the card they will be instructed as to various events, locations and effects. They can also to employ warriors or buy equipment.

How far into development is it?
TotR is pretty much wrapped up with some large outstanding areas that needed attention. The combat system is ace. A lot of fun using what we call the dice stacks. A lot of weapons variety and stat adjustment is still required but its looking pretty solid. Basing it on D&D adventures with guided play maps, events and a unique town phase between missions, TotR feels like a game that should become a reality one day.

What is still required for it?
The scenarios are posing a bit of a problem. As fun as the actual combat is, the missions feel a little long and empty in parts. Perhaps there is a larger underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Ideally, this game could somehow be against the system rather than having a controlling enemy player.

Anything else?
TotR is well planned out in many respects. There is a neat damage deck similar to Xwing. The between missions part very much part of the soul of the game. The levelling up and RPG elements all work incredibly well too. Theres something amiss that we need someone to spot.

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