In the world of CoronaVirus, its actually pretty tough to test a game. Luckily, we have a backup of how it should be done which is all through TTS (Table Top Simulator).

So, coming up to the end of Jan what has happened since November or so? Well, quite a lot and sort of nothing. Its all been play testing and development. Honestly, its really good fun and even after many many hundreds of games, its still fun to draw those cards.

The scenarios you will be happy to hear are being rigourously tested. No half measures. Everything is tested several times over to make sure it works. Sure, we’ve found some seriously strong combos but that is also part of the fun.

The main campaign is 12 adventures long and we’re sort of at 10ish now. I say ish because occassionally when we rewrite something its worth going back and making sure we didnt break anything previously. The bosses are proving to be quite a challenge to write but luckily, there was one day I had some sort of fit and wrote down exactly what needed to happen. The best kind of fits right there, I just wish I had more days like that.

Other than that, we’re still all working full time jobs with families so I feel like we’re not really in a rush anyway. I have a feeling that launching it during the pandemic would be a mistake anyway so maybe there is some sort of blessing in there too.

If I was to guess as to when this aspect will be complete, I’d have to probably say by the summer. Thats a reasonable estimate and then its important to pull in more testers to run through the game rather than just the two of us. Nothing else to report and sorry for the slow posts. I expect the next one will be late too.

The Prototype Arrives!