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Spoiler Alert. Batman wins…


Flashback Generations Batman Special Covered. First of all, sorry about some of the choppy edits. It was a stormy night and the rain cut us off multiple times. To make it worse, one of the video files was corrupt too so I had to cut the Miller part short. Really sorry about this but it just seems we had a lot of bad luck on the day and it was quite distracting while trying to actually review stuff.

But enough with the excuses, Sai and Pete discuss the Batmans(Batmen?) in depth. We go through all their models and talk about their various attributes and then we have an epic fight of every bat for himself! Arena of death style. There are lots of hints and tips of strengths and weaknesses of the characters scattered throughout the review too hopefully coherently.

Adam West, Arkham City – Sai Harris
DKR, Miller, Batpod – Pete Bradley
Origins – Dave Sweeting


Two Face Gang
Penguin Gang